5×5 Learning: Choose Your Own Adventure – Plan it Out


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Day 2 of 5 – get your game face on and plan out an adventure!

Yes, today is the day to storm your brain cells, write down all your ideas. Use whatever means to do this. It could be a quick write using poster paper, a placemat, post-it notes, padlet, educreations, google drawings (example 1, example 2, lucid chart, gliffy or even sketchnoting.

Now separate your ideas into some different choices of adventure. Take time either today or tomorrow to develop more of these choices.



5×5 Learning: Choose Your Own Adventure w/GSlides


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This is the first of five days that concentrate on developing Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOS) stories.

The original CYOA from the 1980’s was a series of children’s books where each story allowed students to make a choice as to how the story would play out. Nowadays, these can continue to be found in print copies at your local public and school libraries while new adventures are found virtually like Assassin’s Creed, Coldplay Ink, and Dragon Age Inquisition.

See a GSlides example by Sylvia Duckworth titled Molly the Cat or Molly le chat.

Do a one minute quick write by jotting down some ideas for an adventure. Review it tomorrow.



A DEN for Learning!


Camaraderie, connection and collaboration were key today with the teachers who are part of this program over the rest of the school year. The DEN refers to the Discovery Education Network and this learning opportunity is part of an Ambassador Program that fosters teacher leadership, builds capacity and grows community by empowering staff to share their learning with colleagues and even students!

Parkland School Division has streamed Discovery Education Canada to all its school sites for over a decade and continues to support the resources, activities and interactives that DE Canada provides. I am a DEN Star which offers me opportunities to see upcoming resources, attend special events or even bring in special guest speakers. This Ambassador Program is another step to have colleagues dig deeper to understand the current resources, share their successes and overcome challenges. The PSD Ambassador group for this Spring represents five of our schools.


This first session concentrated on building a foundation for networking with each other while exposing or re-exposing the group to the Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) series. I have continually shared these instructional strategies via our weekly employee newsletter and really appreciate the overhaul in the past year that these SOS have gone through. The ability to incorporate digital media in meaningful, effective and practical ways is great, but the structure of the SOS is even better. Teachers and even substitute teachers can take these activities and use them immediately. In the video below you’ll hear our Ambassador crew speak about some of their favorites of ones that they’ll be trying and sharing over the next month.



Have Numbers, Will Travel

mathAlberta Teachers specifically, but anyone who has access to the internet and a great Math PLN will have access to this fantastic website of resources. The Alberta Regional Consortia (consists of 7 regional Consortia) promotes student learning, achievement, school improvement, and parental engagement in the educational process via various PD opportunities. Today, I am pointing out the Elementary Mathematics Professional Learning area.

Teachers and administrators may peruse through each section of a wheel. Within each section will be a Foundational Webinar (some archived, some still to come), Key Understandings, Background Knowledge, PofS Outcomes, Evidence of Learner Understanding, Research Links, Try This, Resources, Parent Communication. It is really well put together.

Possible Uses:

  • Groups of teachers could view part or the whole archived video and look at how this would move forward their current work in the classroom.
  • Administrators could show part of a video and have small groups of teachers dig into specific sections (as mentioned above) and share their learning with colleagues in a Jigsaw activity.
  • Share resources, research with staff in a newsletter.
  • Place parent communication information in a school newsletter or website.
  • Video own students showing what they know and what next steps could be.

Of all the information that was presented to me during the Making Additive Thinking Accessible for All webinar, I really like the Quick Formative Assessment tool that was presented. I look forward to sharing this with teachers and see what they think of it.


What Makes You Happy?

Take a moment to think about the different things, people, experiences, etc. that make you happy. Feel free to list them in the comments below or write them down somewhere.

Watch the following video:

Now, what surprised you about the video? Were there any responses that were similar to yours? Any that made you think?

Could you and your group/classmates/team members create a short video in the same fashion as the one above?


5×5 Learning: Clean up your Reading

readabilityDay 5 of 5 finds us on the doorstep cleaning up what an otherwise very cluttered and distracting online environment usually is found when students and teachers are surfing and researching on the WWW.
One such chrome extension that declutters is Readability. This extension has been around as a typical toolbar add-on for many years.
BEFORE Readability chrome extension is used:



AFTER Readability “Read Now” is chosen:


Users can personalize the reading environment within Readability (black background with white text, white background with black text, larger or smaller columns, different fonts). They copy this text and add it to a Google Doc, MWord or copy the link and insert it into a website or document. They can also use a text to speech reader (like from RW4GC or Speak It!). Little to no distraction, all text, all clean reading. Now that I like.


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5×5 Learning: Have the Right Chrome Extensions at Your Fingertips

ExtensityIn this day 4 of 5 looking at chrome extensions. Users who frequent the Chrome Web Store are most likely expanding their enabled extensions collection and their toolbar may not be well organized. This is where today’s chrome extension comes in.

Extensity drop downExtensity is a hard working, yet easy to use chrome extension that integrates all your current chrome extensions and chrome apps into one place. I really enjoy being able to enable/disable chrome extensions quickly. I may want to use 5 specific extensions, so I can click these within Extensity and disable the rest (not delete) so that they are the ONLY extensions in my toolbar. This is great for students who may use different extensions in different classes. It helps to declutter the top toolbar where enabled chrome extensions plant themselves. I also appreciate the ability to open a chrome app from here as well instead of making my way to a chrome launcher on the left side of my screen.



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