Empower your 2016 with One Word

04 Jan

creativePhoto Credit: artoyzflickr via Compfight cc

As of four days ago, my twitter stream has been flooded with teachers and students expressing their #oneword for 2016. I do remember tweeting my one word for 2015 but when I looked back at my blog, I see that it had been five years ago when I shared my #oneword (called Ultimate Word) and that is sad.

As I am multilingual, I wanted to pay homage to my two other languages – French and German for this post. So my #oneword will be joined with #unmot #einWort. My hope is that both French and German teachers and students will share their thoughts and actions regarding their word for 2016 too!

If you are not sure about this #oneword movement, Michele Price does a fantastic job describing it at

My 2016 word is
creative             créatif               kreativ

It is an extension of my professional growth plan that I write up every school year (see Go Ahead, Be Creative! from Sept. 2015).

  • I want to be CREATIVE with my learning – try new things, learn in new ways.
  • I try to be CREATIVE already in my cooking and my family sometimes likes it, maybe I will ask them to be creative with me and more of my efforts will be rewarded.
  • I would like to be CREATIVE in how I think about an issue or a problem that requires solving. Yes, logistics and emotions are there but what if I thought more creatively about it, could I come up with a solution(s) that maybe would have never been thought of? Hmmm.
  • I want to be CREATIVE in how I work out. Since I have a SmartTV, I should check out more YouTube videos that may garner some interesting healthy moves.

So now that you’ve had a moment to read my #oneword #unmot #einWort, what will yours be? and why?


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