UDL series: Phys. Ed and Health

25 May

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Flickr photo Coach Stacey and PE parachute via Brad Barth

This post is the fifth of a six-part series dedicated to the educational technology resources available for teachers and students to use to offer the best universally designed learning environment possible. There will be resources to provide multiple means of engagement, representation, action & expression.

For more information on universally designed learning environments (UDL) please check out the UDL guidelines site.

ENGAGEMENT – the goal is to have purposeful learning and motivated students.

  • Google
  • Smartphone apps – Google Keep, Video capture to capture physical education movement, ideas, lessons and health-related concepts.
  • Pedometers/Trackers/Heart rate monitors – simple tracking devices for both individual and group-based activity. Can also connect the information to math if looking at data.
  • YouTube Playlists that showcase proper form, healthy ideas, and lessons. Even allow for writing prompts/class discussions.

REPRESENTATION – resourceful and knowledgeable students.

  • GSites/GClassroom – opportunities to hold video clips, instructions, tutorials all in one easy to access place for students to look at and utilize 24/7.
  • Smartphone/Tablet
    • Augmented Reality allows students to interact with an environment that is enhanced. Take apart a heart, look at a skeletal system…. check out more ideas, apps and lessons at MLI – Augmented Reality.
    • QR codes – create and/or use Skill Posters.
    • Virtual Reality has students experiencing an environment or even creating one depending upon the tools that you have on-hand. Check out MLI – Virtual Reality.
    • Voice assistants have recently come on board like Alexa and Google. I like the idea of using them in conversation, for research and ideas, however currently these Voice Assistants are still tied to one’s personal account and not a GSuite Apps Edu environment so I am a little hesitant to utilize or connect a personal account for use in the classroom (due to the difference in filtering with a GSuite account versus a private account).

ACTION & EXPRESSION – strategic and goal-oriented students.

  • Student-made Videos – Smartphone, Tablet, Videorecorder, Google Keep, YouTube. Take any one of these tools to record students “in-action” for review, re-use and generation of discussion and/or skill improvement.


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