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10 May

Here’s my podcast on two great edtech tools. Listen in!

Get students sharing their learning via Adobe Spark and FlipGrid. I provide an overview of each of these tools and how to get started.


Read through the 5 Ways to use Adobe Spark Video in your classroom and you will be able to instantly add these ideas throughout the year for any student-centred projects. A great opportunity to work on refining thoughts and ideas while also producing something unique and a showcase of what a students knows! Check out the tutorial at


Students can compose a dialogue for a TV/radio commercial, a phone script, a talking poem or even a memoir. Flipgrid is an online video response platform. Teachers can post topics, videos or links and students respond to the prompt through video reflections. Check out Getting Started with FlipGrid if you are new to this tool.

From all the video responses, using created criteria, peers could choose their top 10 responses and teachers can then create MixTapes that highlight some of the creative thinking over a certain period or concept. Showcase Student Videos with Flipgrid MixTapes.

The ottomat3ch podcast is a look into the IT and ET insights, tools, resources, cool gadgets, policies and anything geeky that can be used in an educational environment. You’ll leave with practical pointers and authentic advice.
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