Get Techy w/Student Creations

07 Nov

Becoming and developing into a creative thinker is a way for students to devise new ways to carry out their learning, to problem solve and to meet challenges. A variety of perspectives and ideas are part of this creative process. Teachers support this through structuring the learning environment to encourage this type of thinking, doing and learning.


Here are some tools that you can use to develop creative thinking skills like understanding, analyzing, open mindedness, problem solving, organization and communication. These tools offer opportunities for creative thought in the classroom from the most obvious artistic standpoint to a more highly technical one.


  • Students can compose a dialogue for a TV/radio commercial, a phone script, a talking poem or even a memoir. Flipgrid is an online video response platform. Teachers can post topics, videos or links and students respond to the prompt through video reflections. From this, using criteria, peers could choose their top 10 responses and teachers can then create MixTapes that highlight some of the creative thinking over a certain period or concept. Showcase Student Videos with Flipgrid MixTapes.

  • Storyboarding with purpose-built services like Storyboard That and Make Beliefs Comix provide good models for students to create meaningful and impactful storyboards. Watch this video to learn how to print a storyboard in Google Slides (if you want students to use paper) and then transfer it to an online environment. There are also a lot of storyboard templates found at Boords. From these templates students can then create a video speaking to this with Screencastify.

  • Once a student has brainstormed and developed a script, check out the new Screencastify for Slides add-on to create video reflection. Go to Slides > add-ons > Manage.


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