Get Techy w/Digital Literacy and Citizenship

04 Sep

The idea behind Get Techy is for teachers to try ONE thing to move their instructional practice forward. Think of it as a “next strategy” into becoming more digitally literate in the learning environment.


  • Digital Literacy and Citizenship skills


Our students live in an interactive digital culture where they are used to accessing media whenever and wherever they want. In order to be literate in today’s media-rich environments, students need to develop knowledge, values, critical thinking, communication and information management skills for the digital age.

In Alberta, we look towards Alberta Education’s Learning and Technology Policy Framework (LTPF)  in guiding this work in schools. In particular, Policy Direction 1: Student-Centred Learning where students will use technology, online learning and digital learning to:

  1. access, share and create knowledge
  2. discover, develop and apply competencies
  3. develop and apply digital citizenship and technological skills
  4. demonstrate what they know and are able to do through effectively using a range of resources and media
  5. monitor their learning progress and inform decisions through the use of data and evidence-based reasoning


Technology Competencies all schools work on Global Citizen and choose to highlight one other Tech Competency throughout the year.

screenshot-2018-09-29-at-20-13-12Technology Skills and Resources

  • Assistive Technology, Basic Procedures, Coding, Communication Applications, Data Entry and Analysis, Digital Learning Environments, Multimedia, Search Skills, Writing and Publishing



  • Let’s Look at Privacy Basics


Common Sense Education has many thoughtful resources to support teachers and even parents when looking at digital resources. Take a look at a few specific Privacy Basics resources regarding Social Media.

Video – Facebook and Blog post – Protecting Student Privacy on SM

Video – Twitter




  • Your Data Portrait


No, you don’t have to be an artist nor an amazing infographic graphic designer to create your own data portrait. It is an opportunity for both teachers and students to look at themselves in a pictorial way to create an understanding about ourselves and to continue to evolve with our experiences. A really fun activity and even more interesting discussion afterward! Read the blog post, do the activity, reflect and then watch the TED Talk.

How to Draw Your Own Selfie – Using Your Personal Data



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