Get Techy w/AR and VR

10 Feb

As Virtual Reality headsets and Augmented Reality applications become more of the norm, teachers can also have students create those experiences rather than just experience them.

Patches is a free online tool for creating virtual reality scenes. Patches offers animated characters, animals, buildings, and common objects that you can place inside a virtual reality scene. Just drag and drop objects and animations from the selection menus to the Patches design canvas. You can create and customize your VR scenes as much as you like by changing object positioning, color schemes, and even the speed at which an animation moves.

Metaverse – AR Browser  makes it easy for anyone to create computer vision, AI, and VR experiences without needing to write complex code. Using Metaverse Studio, teachers can create engaging games and interactive quizzes to digitally enhance their curriculum. They simply arrange components on a storyboard and connect them together on their computer. The experiences, which are instantly shareable via a unique link or a QR code, can be posted to social media, sent via email, or embedded in websites. Available as a free iOS or Android app.

Also check out BioBreak PD: Augmented and Virtual Reality


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