PeriscopePD: Chrome Apps for Middle Years Students

22 Sep

Below is the list of Chrome Apps that I recommend for grades 5-9 in the classroom. As with anything, please review each Chrome App to see if it fits with the work you are doing in the classroom before you share it with students. The five “bolded” Chrome Apps are shown via the 15 minute PeriscopePD video above.

BrainPOP – movies, info

Canva – posters, flyers, brochures

Coding with Chrome – beginner and advanced

Coggle – collaborative mind maps

Daum Equation Editor – create + save math expressions

Discovery Education – requires a subscription

DOGOnews – 3500+ ELA, Science, Social Studies articles

Duolingo – learn a language

EDpuzzle – insert videos with questions, etc.

Fluency Tutor for Google – students record themselves reading, requires subscription to use analytical tools

Geoboard – perimeter, area, angles

Geogebra Math Apps- interactive geometry

Google Classroom

Google Cultural Institute – artworks, museums, world events

Google Docs

Google Drive

Google Earth

Google Forms

Google Maps

Haiku Deck – presentations

InstaGrok – research search engine w/facts, websites, videos, images, pins, quizzes

Itch – Scratch Teacher Dashboard

IXL – adaptive K-12 Math, LA, Science, SSt practice, requires subscription

LEGO Mindstorms Education EV3

LEGO Education WeDo 2.0

Newsela – current events articles at different levels

Pixlr Editor – photo editing

PowToon Presentations Edu – create presentations + animated videos, require a subscription

Sphero Blockly – visual code editor for the Sphero (for Chrome OS 48+, Mac OS X 10.11+, WIndows 10+)


Type Fu

Useful Periodic Table (lite)

VoiceNote II – Speech to Text

WeVideo – Video Editor and Maker – video editing

World Data Atlas


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