PeriscopePD: Chrome Apps for Early Years Students

09 Sep

Here is the list below of the Chrome apps that you see in the video. Bolded apps are showcased in the 15 minute PD session.

Ad-Block Plus – get rid of those pesky advertisements

Announcify – paragraph reader

Awesome Screenshot – screenshot, add annotations, blur, copy/paste, save

Calculator (Pop Up)

Google Dictionary (by Google)

Extensity – en/disable extensions and click on apps URL shortener – shorten all those long links

Google Keep – save notes, links, text, images, make checklists

National Geographic –  Photo of the Day

Print or PDF with CleanPrint – use only the text you want and eliminate the rest

Readability – declutter web articles, sign up to save

Read&Write for Google – reading, writing, research (requires a subscription for student use, free for teachers)

Save to Google Drive – quickly save anything to your GDrive

Scan QR

Screen Capture – screenshots

Send from Gmail

Speak It! – text to speech

VoiceNote II – speech to text

YoWindow Free Weather – weather stations with living landscapes which reflect the weather and time


What other Chrome Apps do you use and/or recommend for K-4 students?


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