PeriscopePD – Get it in 15 mins!

02 Sep


I love learning! YES, love it! With the upsurgence of Social Media over the last five years, I can grab learning opportunities almost 24/7 if I wanted to! From specific subscription-based organizations like Discovery Education to WebEx webinars to Google Hangouts to day-long to week-long conferences to Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, teachers in 2016 can engage in learning just about anything to heighten and fill up their toolkits full of effective and engaging instructional practices. One of the neat parts about using Social Media for your professional learning, is that you really don’t do it alone. There’s always someone from somewhere that you’ve never met that will enhance the collaborative learning environment.

Periscope is one such online tool that I’ve used throughout the last school year to not only share snippets of what is going on in our school division but to also have scheduled online PD available. Another school year is upon us and I’ve returned to sharing some quick info via Periscope (almost) every second Wednesday at 3:45pm MT. Just install the Periscope app on your device, follow me (by either finding my Twitter name as @nlakusta or full name of Nicole Lakusta) and add some calendar dates to remind yourself to join in on the fun!

Dates and Topics (so far)

  • Sept 7 Chrome Apps for Early Years
  • Sept 21 Chrome Apps for Middle Years
  • October 5 Chrome Extensions for Early Years
  • October 19 Chrome Extensions for Middle Years
  • November 16 RW4GC Reading Tools
  • November 30 RW4GC Writing Tools

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