Catch ‘Em All with Pokemon Go in Your Classroom

23 Aug


Gamification took on new meaning this summer with the release of Pokemon Go. Not just for the young’ens, this has captured the data streams and battery packs of various aged smartphone carrying people. I, for one, wasn’t too excited when Pokemon originally came out in 1996, however I did incorporate the characters into literacy, numeracy and physical activities since my students, at the time, were quite enamored with the game.


Throughout the years as both a teacher and an administrator, I have connected the outside gaming world with learning that occurred within the classroom walls. My students were engaged and motivated. And I got to guide them with the curriculum.


So, back to Pokemon Go. I clearly am playing it and enjoying the discussion between fellow players that I meet whenever I have the app running on my smartphone. I also get into some intense, yet fun conversations with my 6 foot 14 year old son, who is also playing it. I’m excited to see that other educators, specifically those part of my Twitter PLN (professional learning network), are finding ways to use this game in/out of their classrooms. From building numeracy skills with mapping, direction, CP levels and literacy in reading the details for each caught Pokemon, there is much that could and can be incorporated into learning if one wishes to. Check out some of the great suggestions and ideas below and share your ideas via my comment section!



Suburbs Pokemon Go

Middle School Pokemon Go

ISTE ideas

Value of Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Workout from NAIT


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