Got Some Initiative with That?

20 Apr


Photo Credit: Nicobobinus via Compfight cc

Today I had the opportunity to work with a whole staff. The first part of our work together was an overview of some of the EdTech Initiatives that our school division has been working on. Check out what was shared below. See what you have in common. Also, are there some pieces that you haven’t thought of? Are there things that we should be looking at as well? This is a brief overview, mind you, but it is always good to read other people’s comments.


Just Like Me – how many of you are similar? different? from each other. This is a great activity to start off a session/workshop with!


Initiatives in PSD


  • Social Media/Networking


Social Networking in Real Life – hilarious video!

Parkland teachers are using Social Media in a variety of ways – communication, collaboration, connecting with other classrooms/experts, resources, sharing, learning, demonstrating….

Citizenship and Social Responsibility standards are part of the reporting process in the school division. Continued work on digital citizenship and literacy will enhance the already existing standards. Staff and students are working with many resources.


  • Digital Citizenship and Digital Literacy


Library Learning Commons staff use Destiny Library system for their books, textbooks and other resources. Accessing ebooks, audiobooks, links is also an important part of this process.


  • Library Learning Commons – new library companion software


    • Destiny
    • MackinVIA™ is a library program that makes it easy to access your school’s eBooks and educational databases and it connects with our current Destiny Library System. Teachers can easily create groups that host specific linked resources for a particular topic. You can use MackinVIA on any device that has Internet access. For online and offline access, there is a free MackinVIA app available for download.

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