5×5 Learning: Go Fish! Awesome Visual Storytelling

24 Mar

Students and teachers love visuals, they love pictures, so why not combine story creation with some random photos? What fun!


Teachers can easily model this via Five Card Flickr or even print off visuals and have small groups of students choose 5 of them. Or use another source like 2Learn Image Gallery, Discovery Education images, images within LearnAlberta.


So how do you play?

With Five Card Flickr, students are “dealt” five random photos for each draw. Their task is them to select each one to build a set of images, that grouped together, tell a story in pictures. Once this is complete, add a title and brief explanation. If you are online in Five Card Flickr, save the story there!


If you are in the GAFE environment, why not send a group of students to a specific site to grab 5 photos and insert them into a Google Document? Or have them use the Research Tool which also adds the citation from the photos selected. From there you can keep the images in a certain order, title it and type up a brief explanation (I usually say to have one sentence per image). Students can either type, Voice Type or use RW4GC VoiceNote to provide the title and explanation.


Using Adobe Voice iOS app or YouTube Capture app, students can even make a video. See an example below:


Classroom Uses

  • introduce a new topic
  • finalize what has been learned
  • random photos to work on literacy skills
  • a different way to connect with Current Events
  • collaborative storytelling that can then be combined to create class storybooks
  • have each students choose one photo (make sure they are all different), create a sentence and then have them group together as five individuals to see how they could fit their current image and sentence into a story.

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