5×5 Learning: Give a Hoot w/Kahoot!

22 Mar

This is day two of this week’s 5×5 learning. Another online formative assessment tool that I really like to use in K-12 classrooms is the infectious online tool, Kahoot.

Below Megan shares how to create your own Kahoot questions, however you can also take a look at the thousands of Kahoot Quizzes already created and edit from those ones. It’s quite an exciting assessment tool, very competitive. Each student or a small group of students will need access to a WiFi-connected device in order to participate.

Teachers go to in order to get started. And students will go to (this will be shown on your quiz while students are signing in). I remind staff and students to use their first name when joining the quiz (no need for any silly names or I will delete them from playing).



If you really liked Kahoot, there are other tools that I have spoken about at Effective Classroom Instruction Using Tech: Providing Feedback and Teaching w/Powerful Online Tools


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