ChromEDventures w/Apps, Exts, Add-ons

29 Feb


Photo Credit: lostcat_photos via Compfight cc

Now into a fourth year of learning and leading in a GAFE environment, I have gathered and continue to gather a variety of Chrome apps, extensions and add-ons that would be quite useful in the classroom. These are amazing “CONNECTOR” tools that enhance, engage and incorporate some solid resources for students in their learning. I actually have separate grade level documents that contain these, but for this post, I’ll give a general sharing so you have a sense of what is out there today. The bolded ones are my favorites that I like to showcase when I work with students, the rest they get to play with and try out (if they aren’t already using them).


Ancient History Encyclopedia

Canva – posters, flyers, brochures

Creately – mindmapping, brainstorming

Edcanvas/Blendspace – drag n drop files, links, video clips to make a “web page”

Google Classroom

Google Cultural Institute – artworks, museums, world events

Google Drive

Google Earth

Google Maps

InstaGrok – research search engine w/facts, websites, videos, images, pins, quizzes

Lucidpress – desktop publishing, ask for an Educator account

Newsela – current events articles at different levels

Moby Math

Pixlr Editor – photo editing

PowToon Edu – create presentations + animated videos

Presi – zoom-based presentations

SoundCloud- audio


Visible Geology – create + explore your own geologic blocks

VoiceNote – speech to text

WeVideo – video editing

Word Joust

World Data Atlas




Ad-Block Plus

Announcify – paragraph reader

Awesome Screenshot – screenshot, add annotations, blur, copy/paste, save

Calculator (Pop Up)

Dictionary (Google)

Docs Quickly – access Gdoc, spreadsheet, slide, drawing

EasyBib Tools – citation

Extensity – en/disable extensions and click on apps

Eye Dropper URL shortener

Google Art Project – artworks, museums, world events

Google Tasks

Google Translate

National Geographic Magazine

National Geographic Photo of the Day

Print or PDF with CleanPrint

Readability – declutter web articles

Read&Write for Google Chrome

Save to Google Drive

Scan QR

Screen Capture – screenshots

Send from Gmail

Speak It! – text to speech

Split Screen/Tab Scissors

Synergyse Training

Turn off the Lights

VoiceNote II – speech to text

WolframAlpha – knowledge search engine



Easy Bib

Mind Meister


Speech Recognition

Spell Right

Tag Cloud Generator



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