The Power of Relationships

13 Feb

Sticks and Stones

Photo via

Recently, AASA, The School Superintendent’s Association held a National Conference on Education #NCE16. Some of my twitter colleagues happen to be attending this and from afar I was able to gleen off some learning moments, gems and resources. One of which was @DanielLFrazier’s photo of a quote from @dave-weber. Daniel, a Superintendent from Litchfield was attending Dave’s Sticks and Stones Exposed: The Power of Our Words presentation. It was the quote that got me hooked and then it was my persistence in tracking down more information that has me writing this blog and then ordering Dave’s book!

So, this post first off shows the power of my Twitter PLN. Once again, and daily, I find gems, stories, ideas, connections, research, opportunities for not only my own professional focus but for my colleagues. These virtual relationships allow me to engage in more consistent and constant ways that pre-Twitter would be very difficult to do.

Back to the quote and the understanding of the importance of relationships. We’ve all heard in education that teachers DO make a difference, administrators DO make a difference and the specific evidence that goes along with it. However, what got me to think deeper is THIS quote. Have I really thought about the relationships with staff being a predictor of student achievement before? Not as a direct focus no (informally through staff retreats, teacher VS student activities, etc.), but it did get me to ponder….what can I do from a district-support level to engage, encourage and offer the environment in order for this to occur. I don’t have a checklist established yet, maybe reading Dave’s book will establish some parameters for me.


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