A DEN for Learning!

25 Jan


Camaraderie, connection and collaboration were key today with the teachers who are part of this program over the rest of the school year. The DEN refers to the Discovery Education Network and this learning opportunity is part of an Ambassador Program that fosters teacher leadership, builds capacity and grows community by empowering staff to share their learning with colleagues and even students!

Parkland School Division has streamed Discovery Education Canada to all its school sites for over a decade and continues to support the resources, activities and interactives that DE Canada provides. I am a DEN Star which offers me opportunities to see upcoming resources, attend special events or even bring in special guest speakers. This Ambassador Program is another step to have colleagues dig deeper to understand the current resources, share their successes and overcome challenges. The PSD Ambassador group for this Spring represents five of our schools.


This first session concentrated on building a foundation for networking with each other while exposing or re-exposing the group to the Spotlight on Strategies (SOS) series. I have continually shared these instructional strategies via our weekly employee newsletter and really appreciate the overhaul in the past year that these SOS have gone through. The ability to incorporate digital media in meaningful, effective and practical ways is great, but the structure of the SOS is even better. Teachers and even substitute teachers can take these activities and use them immediately. In the video below you’ll hear our Ambassador crew speak about some of their favorites of ones that they’ll be trying and sharing over the next month.



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