Have Numbers, Will Travel

19 Jan

mathAlberta Teachers specifically, but anyone who has access to the internet and a great Math PLN will have access to this fantastic website of resources. The Alberta Regional Consortia (consists of 7 regional Consortia) promotes student learning, achievement, school improvement, and parental engagement in the educational process via various PD opportunities. Today, I am pointing out the Elementary Mathematics Professional Learning area.

Teachers and administrators may peruse through each section of a wheel. Within each section will be a Foundational Webinar (some archived, some still to come), Key Understandings, Background Knowledge, PofS Outcomes, Evidence of Learner Understanding, Research Links, Try This, Resources, Parent Communication. It is really well put together.

Possible Uses:

  • Groups of teachers could view part or the whole archived video and look at how this would move forward their current work in the classroom.
  • Administrators could show part of a video and have small groups of teachers dig into specific sections (as mentioned above) and share their learning with colleagues in a Jigsaw activity.
  • Share resources, research with staff in a newsletter.
  • Place parent communication information in a school newsletter or website.
  • Video own students showing what they know and what next steps could be.

Of all the information that was presented to me during the Making Additive Thinking Accessible for All webinar, I really like the Quick Formative Assessment tool that was presented. I look forward to sharing this with teachers and see what they think of it.


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