5×5 Learning: Clean up your Reading

15 Jan

readabilityDay 5 of 5 finds us on the doorstep cleaning up what an otherwise very cluttered and distracting online environment usually is found when students and teachers are surfing and researching on the WWW.
One such chrome extension that declutters is Readability. This extension has been around as a typical toolbar add-on for many years.
BEFORE Readability chrome extension is used:



AFTER Readability “Read Now” is chosen:


Users can personalize the reading environment within Readability (black background with white text, white background with black text, larger or smaller columns, different fonts). They copy this text and add it to a Google Doc, MWord or copy the link and insert it into a website or document. They can also use a text to speech reader (like from RW4GC or Speak It!). Little to no distraction, all text, all clean reading. Now that I like.


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