5×5 Learning: Short is Sweet

12 Jan

GooGL shortenerToday is day 2 of 5 of a week full of quick learning opportunities this week on useful chrome extensions.

While researching and finding information on the WWW can be a daunting task due to the number a hits a topic/subject area may return, it’s when you actually find something of use that may cause some trouble. As in, those extra, extra, extra long links that come with the online resource. Just copying and pasting into a document or website is really bad etiquette unless you are teaching students how to read where a link originates from. And adding to a highlighted keyword/expression just brings up the long link once a person clicks on the word (which I find messy).

GooGL shortener pop up

Take time to shorten those long links with a URL shortener. There are several out there. Today, I am showcasing URL shortener. After installing this from the Chrome Web store, users can be surfing the WWW, come across some information of their liking and choose the URL shortener chrome extension which automatically pops up a shortened link that can be copied or use a QR code. This allows the user to input this link into an existing document, email, attached to a highlighted keyword, write on a whiteboard, etc. It’s fast and easy to use.


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