Don’t Stop the Conversation nor the Actions!

03 Jan

Miss youPhoto Credit: lexlex86 via Compfight cc

A colleague of mine, Joe Bower, passed away over the Christmas holidays. Not only was this sudden, but it put me into a state of reflection as to what his legacy will be AND what I can do to continue his passionate stance on learning.

I will honor his legacy by

  • continuing to push boundaries regarding learning, especially when it comes to assessment. I will share his wise thoughts from his For the Love of Learning blog at I will converse with colleagues within PSD70, Alberta, Canada and internationally as to how they are measuring, assessing, evaluating and listing to students as they are on their learning journey. And how about me and my colleagues? I will want to look at how we assess ourselves….
  • reaching out to my professional learning network (PLN) that has so many rich resources, amazing ideas, thought-provoking questions and add some more of my own flair, experiences and thoughts.
  • believing that having a growth mindset and digging further into neuroscience in education will allow me to link learning with science (and I think that’s an amazing connection).
  • taking time to spend little moments with my family and friends both in face to face situations and virtually. I always come out with some memorable experiences.

I know that I as well as other colleagues have been touched greatly by Joe. I shall miss him.


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