5×5 Learning: Presentations that really Move!

11 Dec

This is Day 5 of 5 on the theme of using and learning about specific Chrome Apps in 5 minutes or less.

MoveNote for Google Drive makes it easy when it comes to adding visuals and providing video. Combine these two and you can quickly create a video. I really like that it saves to your Google Drive. From there I upload my MoveNote videos to my desktop and then to YouTube. In advanced settings I only keep the “allow embedding” checked off as there no need, I think, for tracking, comment, etc. Once the video is published I can quickly embed it into my blog (which is what I have done for each of this week’s 5×5 blog posts.)

MoveNote allows:

  • students to create a presentation and if they have difficulty giving this presentation in front of the class, they can show their MoveNote presentation instead.
  • teachers to create quick videos speaking about various topics, ideas, discussion questions, etc.
  • students can practice their language skills by listening to their teacher’s pronunciation
  • math explanations
See one high school’s uses of MoveNote in Flipping the Classroom.
Some teachers of various grades share their uses in Creating Digital Learning Content.
Other teachers are using it to provide a more inclusive environment for students who require visual instruction, need to review information several times, need social stories, and personal stories.

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