Are Converging Your Learning in 2015?

10 Nov

Convergence defined

#conedtech – an IT/ET conference that was hosted November 8-10 in Calgary by the Alberta Technology Leaders in Education (ATLE) group.


It is a learning opportunity that I look forward to engaging in every year. My work as a Curriculum Educational Technology Facilitator in my school division has me supporting staff in moving their pedagogical and integration of technology practices forward as well as working closely with our IT department. This conference allows me to experience a greater provincial, western Canadian and North American context.
I was also able to bring along some of our IT personnel who had not experienced this conference and a Principal of one of our new schools that will open Sept 2016. I learned so much just seeing the conference through their experiences. Socializing and interacting with the vendors was great. And two fantastic keynote speakers – The Daring Librarian and Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach – just rounded out the whole experience. (Oh, and the food was very tasty!)


Once the conference had ended I took a moment to list all the presentations from the schedule and asked those who either presented or attended the sessions to put a link to their information. The crowd-sourced lists is HERE.



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