Gotta Stand Up!

13 Oct

About a year ago, I saw firsthand how a Varidesk could change how a person’s office could be set up to allow for both standing and sitting at a work desk/station. Of course, the price tag that comes with this type of unit (~$340-$500) was out of reach for my department (especially if I trialed one and the rest of the team liked it too.) So, I went out on a virtual walkabout. I scoured online, I spoke with other colleagues and finally, I created my own stand-up version.

Yes, research is out there about the benefits of standing instead of sitting and I wanted to experience it to see if it was right for me. I work out of Division Office and when I am not out at schools, conferences or meetings, I currently sit in an ergonomic chair with 2 screens, keyboard and mouse on an L-shaped office desk with cabinets.

IKEA has a fantastic TV bench – Lack (90x26cm at $19.99) and I also bought two Ekby Valter brackets. I found my 8″ x 36″ black shelf at Home Depot (except that it was originally 10″ x 36″ so they cut off the extra there for me at $14.00). And the total cost was one-tenth of a Varidesk. Now, it is a permanent structure, so I am sure that I may want to sit from time to time. If and when I do, then I’ll just grab a Chromebook or a laptop to use.

Stand up desk 2 Stand up desk

Other things to think about like proper footwear, possibly a standing mat may be next on my list. And maybe taking mini-sit breaks throughout the day.

For other standing desk ideas, check out



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