A to C: Annotate and Comment

01 Oct

Whether you are a teacher or a student, you see a lot of text throughout the school year. While I work mainly in a digital environment (Google Apps for Education – GAFE), I still like to be able to annotate/make comments on pages. Below are some of the ways that I do this digitally.

  • Google Documents – click on the Comments box in the top right corner, highlight any text and type in your comment pertaining to that. You or others who have access to this document can add more comments, resolve or even delete them. A great way to work collaboratively on a document, share ideas, suggest improvements.

GDoc comments

  • Google Documents – use Kaizena Mini which is an Add-on that allows you to use voice comments. (You can comment on your own work to yourself or you can choose who the comments will go to.)

Gdoc Kaizena Mini

  • Google Documents – use Read&Write for Google Chrome extension to add Voice Notes to the document. Very slick, just make sure that your laptop, chromebook or netbook has a good microphone or you’ll need to invest in a mic + headset (or Apple earbuds).

GDoc_RWG VoiceNote

  • Google Drive – upload a .pdf. Open the .pdf and use the Read&Write for Google Chrome extension Annotations tool which creates a pin and opens up a text box (max 500 characters). If this document is shared to others and they too have RW4GC, they can also annotate at the same time.


These are just a few of the annotation and comment tools that I use while working in a GAFE environment with a laptop. There are other applications, especially for the iPad that I will certainly make time to post about at another date.

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