Effective Classroom Instruction Using Tech: Homework and Practice

28 May

12133776646_c9b1226c06Photo Credit: clogsilk via Compfight cc

Eight years ago, the authors Pitler, Kuhn and Malenoski took the eleven essential instructional strategies that were identified originally by Marzano, Pickering and Pollock. These essential instructional strategies allow teachers to then use them purposefully to steadily improve student learning. In this digital age of learning and in considerations of this research, I have included not only an outline of how technology could be used to complement and enhance these teaching strategies but also specific technology tools/resources.

Essential Instructional Strategy #10

In homework and practice teachers give students review time. Technology facilitates by providing resources for learning and collaborative with others. It can also offer time for students to refine and build on skills.

Within the learning environment, various resources may be used. Below is a complementary list of actions and ideas, but by no means is it an exhaustive list. Please add your ideas in the comments section if you like.

Use MWord Review tab – research, dictionary, thesaurus, spelling, grammar.

Use chrome extensions like Read&Write Google, Google Dictionary, Google Thesaurus, and Grammarly.

Use Google Docs add-ons like Kaizena Mini (voice commenting), MindMeister (mind mapping), OpenClipArt (inserting images into notes), Speech Recognition (dictation), SpellRight, Tag Cloud Generator (for images or seeing which words are being used the most).

Use Excel or Google Sheets to master calculating, manipulating and displaying data.

Check out educational software sites – EDDIE, Tech & Learning, eSchool and Discovery Education.

Go to online games – virtual manipulatives, Explore, Thinkfinity, ReadWriteThink, PBS, Stellarium.

Collaborate online with GoogleDocs, Writeboard, YourDraft, Etherpad


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