Just Say Wow!

24 Mar

Science experiments can be truly amazing!   Explored
This is just me “geeking out” at reviewing and reading Stephen Wolfram’s latest blog post, The Frontiers of Computational Thinking from his keynote at the recent SXSW 2015 Conference.

I have been a big user and sharer of the WolframAlpha knowledge engine. I recognize its support in visualizing the world around us. Teachers can use this knowledge engine in all subject areas for information, for discussion, and for comparison. This is not the only thing that Stephen Wolfram, founder of Wolfram Research is working on however.

I really like his thoughts on computational thinking and his work particularly with correlating knowledge in science and technology. His work on Wolfram Language is about to revolutionize ideas, programming, and interactions with the technical side of computing.

In his blog which is a transcript of his keynote (18 minute excerpt below) he shows how Wolfram Language acts when conversing with a human. The results, in my opinion, are just as amazing as seeing a student with severe autistic tendencies interact with Siri on his iPhone. Take time to go through the transcript and see what different things Stephen asks Wolfram Language to do from math examples, definitions, word clouds, images, graphs, tweetable programs, code playing cards, a student programming lab, multiple languages, making art, etc.

I also viewed an excerpt video of this actual keynote that makes part of Stephen’s transcript come alive.

My next thoughts are:

  • How do I share this with colleagues so that they see the possibility for its use in the learning environment?
  • What does this mean for a student? How could they use it in their own learning?
  • Who is interested in trying this out? If it’s YOU, then go to Wolfram Programming Cloud to play in your own environment!

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