Here to Represent

22 Feb

Task 3 of this week’s look into Multiple Means of Representation had me look at some of the current books (textbooks) that our students in Alberta already have access to via the LearnAlberta website. Within this website are all sorts of resources and tools. I specifically choose a textbook since this is the most used resource within the classroom.

Within the site, teachers and students search for a specific textbook. I happen to choose a grade 7 Science book. Below you see the initial description and media format.


Once a teacher or student opens this resource, they can download the Daisy or .pdf files. Daisy is audio only and the .pdf files can be read by online readers like Read&Write Gold/Google chrome extension and SpeakIt chrome extension.


I contacted a Vision specialist with another organization to ask if this resource is accessible for those students with low or no vision. He did say that this resource is also JAWS (Job Access With Speech) accessible.


I believe the important thing with Multiple Means of Representation, is not only to have teachers understand that there are resources already available that allow for ALL learners to access content related to their subject areas. I also think it is important to show students the Kids Health online resource and the article from the University of Edinburgh which shows how to create accessible materials, so they think about this while created their own online resources. We should also task publishers to make their products available in many accessible ways – audio, video, different fonts, etc.



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