UDL Overview

11 Feb

For the first week’s work in the SOOC4Learning working and learning group that I have joined, we are to share our thoughts from a choice of tasks. I went with the focus on showcasing a UDL Overview as I work out of Division Office as the Curriculum Educational Technology Facilitator. My main time is spent with supporting administrators and teachers but I do get to work with students to empower themselves (and advocate) to have engaging, enriching and authentic learning experiences.

Planning with UDL in mind is not difficult in my opinion, however, becoming aware and understanding the variety of tools, resources and support may be daunting.

My video below was created by smashing or combining a variety of applications. Choosing three copyright free images to represent each of the three UDL principles, inputting them into the Wordfoto iOS app and gathering up to ten key words for each image really was fun for me. I then used LiPix, an iOS app to combine the three images and recorded a video which was saved into my iPads’ photo album. I then uploaded the video to my YouTube channel (added annotations and ensured closed captioning was working) and embedded it below (or go directly to the link HERE).

I am very lucky to work in an school division whose vision is “where exploration, creativity, and imagination make learning exciting and where all learners aspire to reach their dreams” and that staff are working towards it daily!


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