Weekly Tech Tips and Tidings

09 Dec


Photo Credit: mattwalker69 via Compfight cc

This week try out some seasonal activities, work on comprehension and delve into edtech research!

Tech Tips and Tools

  • Google Certified Teachers created lesson plans for INTERSTELLAR, a new movie from Christopher Nolan that touches on topics from climate change to space travel to the theory of relativity. Find the right lesson plan to take your classes even further with Google Play for Education.
  • Rockin’ Around the Geome-tree – Educator Tom Rose of Chowchilla High School in California uses Geogebra, a free web app, to bring complicated math concepts to life. “The app’s ability to move things around and dynamically see what changes and what doesn’t goes much further than the most well-written lecture notes,” Rose says. “Students love working with GeoGebra, and have no problem loudly saying ‘YES!’ when I tell them it’s ‘a GeoGebra day’ rather than another slideshow from Mr. Rose.”
  • Follow Santa around the world with Google Maps Santa Tracker: Take your students on a tour of Santa’s Village to learn about holiday traditions from all over the world, access complete standards-based lesson plans, and enjoy fun holiday games.
  • GAFE Tools you can trust:Google knows that trust is earned through protecting privacy and providing top-notch security to schools and students. Learn more about their commitment on our Google for Education Trust Center. This includes their detailed paper, “Data Security, Transparency, & Privacy: How Google Protects Your Data“.
  • Moon walks with Neil & Buzz – See the moon like never before with Google Earth Moon View. Zoom in on astronauts’ footprints, watch rare footage of the Apollo missions, and take a tour of moon landing sites with Apollo astronauts narrating the whole experience.


Discovery Education Tidbits

  • DEN Trend Report – this week concentrates on building strong teacher leadership, teacher evaluations, global warming, engaging girls in tech and games to reimagine learning.
  • The Envelope Please – this strategy has students making a prediction to enhance and check on their comprehension.
  • Zaption Premium Access – take a Digital Learning Survey and get premium access to Zaption Pro which turns online videos into interactive learning experiences that engage students, deepen understanding and track student progress.


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