Weekly Tech Tips and Tidings

05 Nov

tech tips2

Photo Credit: Sky Noir via Compfight cc

This week we have a variety of tips ranging from Google, media info, interactive chrome apps, and upcoming PD sessions (in and out of school division).

Google Apps for Education


Tech News from MediaSmarts

  • Beyond gaming, the VR boom is everywhere—from classrooms to therapy couches – Creators all over the world are looking beyond entertainment to adapting head-mounted displays for everything from psychotherapy, special-needs education, and space exploration to virtual luxury car test drives, virtual travel, and even VR movies.
  • Terror fight turns to Internet – The Canadian government says it’s looking for a way to stop terror groups and their followers from using the Internet to advance their cause as a debate emerges over how to fight threats to Canada while preserving civil liberties including free speech and privacy.
  • Your Next Psychologist May Prescribe a Video Game – A game developed by gaming tech experts and health researchers at the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas simulates everyday experiences and social situations that are typically difficult for those with autism or anxiety disorders. And it’s just one example in a growing trend in which video games are forms of therapy.
  • Museums Morph Digitally – Museums are being redefined for a digital age. The transformation, museum officials say, promises to touch every aspect of what museums do, from how art and objects are presented and experienced to what is defined as art.
  • Anti-spam law targets software starting January – Canada’s controversial anti-spam law has already forced businesses to change how they communicate with consumers by email. Early next year, the law will also start targeting software makers.


Tech Tips and Tools


Discovery Education Tidbits


PD Opportunities – November


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