Weekly Tech Tips and Tidings

29 Oct

tech tip

Photo Credit: Matthew Clark Photography & Design via Compfight cc


This weeks shares are all about how to get your Google muscles working, read what national news is occurring with technology in life and learning, connect with some interesting trends with Discovery Education and check out a few cool tools to engage your diverse learners.

TechNews from MediaSmarts
Why Chicago is mandating coding education – Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel believes the language of the future is code writing — and he wants every kid in Chicago to be prepared.
This App Teaches Millennials About the World Before They Try to Change It – As much as selfies and student load debt, the drive to make a difference defines the Millennial generation. But 18-year old Patrick Finnegan is worried about his fellow millennials. “A lot of people my age talk about changing the world,” he says. “But they don’t know anything about it.”
Sensory marketing: the brands appealing to all five senses – From virtual holidays in Hawaii to plane food playlists, brands are using new technology to interact with consumers
How Facebook Is Changing the Way Its Users Consume Journalism – Facebook uses mathematical formulas to predict what its users might want to read on the site, from which, a study says, about 30 percent of adults in America get their news.
Report: Teachers Better at Using Tech than Digital Native Students – It’s time to give up the notion that “digital natives” are more tech savvy than their teachers. According to a recent study of middle school science students and teachers, the teachers tended to have greater technology use.

Google Apps for Education Updates
How Googlers Collaborate: Sheets and Groups (6 mins. video)
Google Groups, all you need to know (5 mins.)
Google Forms tips and tricks (6 mins.)
Google Slides for awesome presentations (4 mins.)

Tech Tips and Tools
Citelighter – an online research tool that provides an organizational framework for research. Enables students to quickly find and record facts and automatically cite sources. See video intro HERE. Free version includes content-capturing tools, outlining tools and GDocs integration. Available as a website, Chrome app, and Safari extension. (Grades 6-12+)
Online Voice Recorder is a free application which records sound from the devices’ microphone which you can trim and save. It is available as a website and Chrome app.
Insert Audio into a GSlide – currently this is no direct way to insert audio into a GSlide, however one can create a YouTube webcam video and insert it. Check out the sample GSlide HERE.

Discovery Education Tidbits
Den Trend Report – see what’s trending in education this week covering things like effective technology use in the classroom personalized learning, student’s perspectives on technology, infractructure, gamification, etc.
From the Ground Up – The Science of Soil. A joint venture with Discovery Education and Nutrients for Life for grades 3 and 7 Science students that looks at agronomy career spotlights, family activities, interactive lesson plans, etc.


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