Making Me a Better Billiard Player

30 Sep

Photo Credit: fdecomite via Compfight cc
I love math, I love that math is all around me – in nature, in music, in architecture, in food, etc. Recently I was reminded of a silly yet pertinent math video that I used to watch in grade 7 math class. @theteacherlist recently showcased it and this brought found memories of the great math video clips my grade 7 math teacher would show us.

The video I am referring to is Donald Duck in Mathmagic Land where Donald is ‘schooled’ by the Spirit of Adventure on the appreciation and relevance of math in our lives. I would break up the video in these sections:

* 0:00 intro and music

* 7:15 pentagram, golden rectangle

* 11:15 pentagon in nature

* 13:43 math in games

* 22:00 closing

Before showing any of the above sections with students, I would have them brainstorm in small groups with paper or a collaborative tool (Google Doc, Titanpad, Padlet, etc.) about how they use math to solve problems or where do they currently see math around them and/or in their community.

A teacher’s guide was developed that incorporates activities for grades 3-5, 6-8, 9-12 once they have viewed a particular section. This is accessible at

For me it was a great reminder of the importance of mathematics in science and technology. Also a reminder to share the great provincial math resources from Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium with the Math Program of Studies Learning GuideNumeracy Learning Guide and The 2Learn Education Society’s resources found at go to student sites, chose Math and then the particular concept to get to the available resources.

Now, I think I’ll go back to 13:43 and re-watch the billiards strategy so I can become a better pool player!


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