What’s Your Story and Commitment?

10 Sep

locks bridge

I just had the opportunity to view two short video clips on the Leadercast Now site that I subscribe to that spoke to vision and commitment. Like the love locks bridges that I visited this summer in Slovakia and Czech Republic, these two videos will have an everlasting effect on my and my leadership style.

The first video clip was of Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP AG, entitled Changing the Mindset of Your Organization where he shared the “double it” strategy. In order to change the ‘headset’ of an organization, you need to look at what’s possible and then double it. A clear vision, strategy and commitment needs to be laid out and understood by all members of the organization. Everyone working with the same common goal, yet understanding what their part of the growth is in this project, adventure, process, quarter earnings, etc. is. The important work is to take time to listen to groups of people/departments; have brainstorming discussions on a regular basis that asks them what success looks like if personal and business goals were doubled AND is it already occurring or do ‘tweaks’ need to be to achieve this? What kind of support and/or resources are needed? Suggestions for achievement? All this ideas should be put on the table for discussion and then action plans can be developed.

Other businesses that come to mind with the ‘double it’ are ones like Unilever whose purpose is “to make sustainable living commonplace” and a vision “to double the size of the business, whilst reducing (their) environmental footprint and increasing (their) positive social impact”. So too are business looking to Kickstarter Canada, Indiegogo or other Crowdfunding Canadian platforms.

My question is – when have you sat down with your team, group of teachers or even group of students to lead a brainstorming session that asks them to envision the success that would come if they doubled their personal and school/work goals? (Not added more to the plate, but doing things more efficiently, sharing/collaborating on projects, etc.) It certainly would be interesting to hear and write down the ideas. So go ahead, it may surprise you!!

The second video clip “When It Becomes Their Story, Not Yours” via Scott Harrison, founder of Charity: Water. (See his story HERE.) Scott shared his three ideas on reinventing charity: 1) 100% of proceeds to go to the intended people, 2) prove where the money went and 3) create a long lasting brand. He wanted success for this charity by connecting and collaborating with established businesses, celebrities, identifying specific water projects and even having people give up their birthdays. Scott’s ideas and actions show that one can act differently, be socially minded and still have success. Overall, Scott says that we need to get out of the way and let others tell the story. We’ve seen the viral actions of 1000s with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge which has similar successful results. In my current role, I see that I need to support our students in PSD to tell their learning stories on their blogs, on the district 184 Days of Learning blog and throughout their learning projects. No longer does learning need to be an isolated event or one just shared via a triad of teacher – student – parents. As my own birthday is occurring this week, I thought it may be a nice change to start my own Water campaign. If I can help women and children and communities by donating $$ instead of spending it on a lunch, then so be it!

I invite all of you to check out my campaign at Water is Life; its open for another 100 days and your gift will be matched.


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