Going for Growth

03 Sep


In Alberta, every teacher must develop and implement an annual plan for professional growth that shares the various activities a teacher will undertake throughout that school year in regards to professional learning. The Alberta Teacher’s Association has in-depth tutorials found HERE for those teachers new or unsure of how to develop a professional growth plan (PGP). Although the literature and various research and exemplars online make this plan look like a boring document, it really doesn’t and shouldn’t be!

Over the years my plans have varied with 2-3 goals, tying closely to a school’s Ed Plan and ensuring that I can achieve most or all of it during the school year. As of the past few years in my current role as Curriculum Educational Technology Facilitator with Learning Services, I find that my PGP continues to have established goals, outcomes, strategies, support and indicators of success, HOWEVER, I now also include an overview page – sort of an overarching BIG set of ideas. (See last years at I then share with my colleagues and superiors and of course, now the public via my blog. I also post it on my Office wall to view and read daily. These actions generate some good discussion both off and online which I appreciate and respond to. I don’t believe that my PGP is a stale, sit-on-the-shelf type of document. To me, it’s an ever-developing document.

PGP’s are for teachers to acquire and apply new knowledge/skills, enhance reflective practice, contribute to various professional learning communities and have an impact on student achievement. My actions, accomplishments and blogging are closely linked with my PGP as well as other Teacher Quality Standards. I hope my example gets your thoughts and ideas flowing!!

My draft PGP overview is in the photo above and my 2014-15 goals are:


Facilitate, cultivate and design learning environments and instructional design for staff that provide rich experiential learning and sharing opportunities connected to PSD’s Vision, Mission and Inclusive Ed philosophy.


  • Acknowledge the diverse needs and contributions of all
  • Offer physical spaces and PD to develop knowledge, skills and engage learners
  • Create virtual spaces and connections both local, national and global
  • Access resources, services, information and collaboration opportunities
  • Hone academic, social/emotional and physical skills through knowledge-building, creativity and innovation
  • Utilize a variety of resources, technologies and spaces to support learning through thoughtful instructional design and collaboration as well as effective assessment of learning
  • Model and share learning experiences to empower real-world and relevant learning experiences


  • Learning Services Team
  • Senior Exec
  • Admin Teams
  • Learning Coaches
  • Inclusive Education Leads
  • Frameworks: Fierce Conversations, Cognitive Coaching, Bucket Filling, Cooperative Learning, Critical Thinking, Universal Design for Learning


  • Ongoing
  • Monthly meetings: Lead Team, Learning Coaches, Inclusive Education Leads
  • Bimonthly: Learning Services Team

Indicators of Success

  • Contribution to Learning Services work is recognized
  • Learning Services Team work plan is moving PSD Vision, Mission and Commitment Statements forward as per Admin meetings, PSD Voice, Student Advisory Committee


Advance, model and assess the successful use of inclusive technologies to meet business goals, enhance team productivity, engage PSD staff, and remove barriers for students.


  • Refine instruction for essential digital literacy, research and inquiry and communication skills
  • Build opportunities for staff learning and innovation to be demonstrated, shared and showcased
  • Intentionally plan for and assess the success of technology integration in the work and learning environments
  • Build staff capacity to ensure sustainability and attainment of PSD/School Ed Plan/Tech goals
  • Advocate for the essential and effective uses of technology
  • Refine and demonstrate strong digital literacy skills
  • Explore and connect personalized learning while embracing the use of digital literacies and skills to empower independent learners
  • Foster an active online networking culture
  • Assist staff in taking ownership of their digital rights and responsibilities in building their digital skills


  • Listservs: QIAT, ATLE, ORC
  • Alberta Education, School Technology Branch
  • PLN
  • ERLC Advisory Committees
  • ATLE and ATLE ProLearn
  • Frameworks: TPACK, SAMR, UDL, DI, RTI, SETT, LTPF
  • Twitter feeds
  • Blogs
  • 2Learn
  • GAFE
  • Synergyze
  • PSD – IT Dept, Senior Exec, Lead Team, Learning Services, staff, students


  • Ongoing
  • ATLE Conference – November 2014
  • GAFE Summit – March 2015

Indicators of Success

  • Staff utilizing, documenting success and sharing how they are using technology in learning, for efficiency, etc.
  • Marked improvement between Fall 2013 and Fall 2014 ET/IT survey with Admin
  • Well attended PD sessions and follow up work with staff

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