PGP in Review

27 Jun


Once again a school year has quickly passed and I am reviewing the work that I have developed and participated in as a Curriculum Educational Technology Facilitator with my school division. Upon reflecting on my two main goals this year (see FULL descriptions HERE) of:

1) developing and fostering a learning environment that enables respectful, professional relationships, builds staff capacity and supports high performance for all, AND

2) leveraging the use of inclusive technologies to meet business goals, enhance team productivity, engage PSD staff in best practices (effectiveness and efficiency) and remove barriers for students, I…..

list the following overall feedback from PD (that I’ve facilitated) participants, Learning Services team members (who I work closely with) and some personal comments:


– like that I was able to have other blogs/resources to use so that I can learn from those who are having great success at blogging

– the student blogging opportunities chart which outlined the k-3 expectations/guidelines is quite helpful to see how the skills which are developed through blogging can build and become more complex through the grades. This information may nudge me in the direction of developing these skills more purposefully with my students

– very organized

– like handouts/links/resources shared

– very useful PD….Nicole is skilled at presenting ideas in a non-intimidating way!

– thank you for these opportunities to grow my primitive technological skills and to help refine the list of a million plus resources out there!

– it is truly productive to have the time to explore

– the information I now have will improve how I can support student learning in at least 3 subjects

– the course gave me many things that I can take back and start using with a specific special needs student in all core subjects

– this session will help me run more engaging literacy centers

– Nicole opened up so many new possibilities for moving forward in utilizing SMART(notebook)ideas.

– Her energy and passion for enriching students’ learning is contagious!!!

– I left knowing that I had learned new things

– I really liked the exercise on developing criteria! I’m going to use it tomorrow

– thanks for coming to our school site

– I attempt to respond to any/all messages within 24 hours even if I don’t yet have an answer

– I use the weekly ONline newsletter as a main means of communication for upcoming PD sessions on/offsite, tech tools/resources, tech tidbits (research)

– I tweet out often from conferences, meetings, and great things happening in #psd70

– connect various teachers and administrators with the work going on in PSD, in Alberta, nationally and internationally as needs/wants arise

– really happy to see the amount of growth in the Library Staff group – 21st C thinking, creating and moving forward with PSD libraries.

– sharing and using more extensions and applications in Chrome environment to remove barriers for students (and even teachers)

– connecting the purpose for a classroom blog to the practical environment pieces (what can you communicate? how to effectively set the blog up… examples from other teachers….)

– inviting teachers and students to present how technology is making a difference in their learning and teaching


– more time to play with the ideas presented

– more mentored time on task – to further develop the skills and confidence implementing them

– ensure that all tech resources have the same access to specific software/tools so that participants can be on the same page

– it would be helpful if the sessions were designated as beginner, intermediate, etc. or something of the sort to help people choose if the workshop is a good fit

– would like to see more time spent with one app

– choose days with better weather

– I need to seek out, listen to and understand various perspectives (ie. effect that a particular project may have on IT, WebOffice, Communications, etc.)

– to keep my lingering emails to a minimum

– work more on evaluating the impact of change on teachers and analyze all relevant evidence and past experience that is available

– LISTEN, really listen to others (slow down, take time to take what is being said)

– read and comment more on blogs (regularly schedule this for upcoming year)

My experiences with PSD staff, students and other organizations this year has been filled with many conversations, resource sharing and creating, networking opportunities and growth in the Inspiring Education initiative in Alberta. My days of learning, listening and leveraging resources (personnel and materials) were always filled with some adventure, questions and connections to the work I do to support teachers making an impact on students learning. I truly appreciate the experiences that I have had this year and even now am thinking about what 2014-15 will bring for me.


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