Engaging and Inspiring Leaders and Learners

14 Apr

CASS PSD Cisco Webex intro page

Today 90+ participants from around Alberta congregated at PSD Division Office for a day of learning from our resident teacher experts. The morning keynote was headed off by George Couros, over to 9 breakout sessions and a final keynote starring our own students (they stole the show)! Sessions and keynotes concentrated on the Learning and Technology Policy Framework which connect with the work from Inspiring Education. Sessions concentrated on innovative learning environments, resources, BYOD implementation, personalized and authentic student learning opportunities, collaborative and imaginative ways to integrate technology, sharing the PSD story, successes and challenges for access, infrastructure and digital learning environments to name a few. We even had 40 virtual participants through our live webex streaming links.
Apr14_CASS_main groupApr14_CASS_main group2






Please take a moment to scroll through the session descriptions, tweets and links at It was definitely a day to celebrate the amazing growth surrounding creating, communicating and collaborating with technology that has occurred over the last couple of years in the Division.


With more student-owned devices making their way into the classroom and with teaching and learning changing, we will continue to plan for the pedagogical, technical and content knowledge uses for technology (think TPACK) by carefully looking at where the Division, the administrators, the teachers and the students are at through rich discussions, pertinent questions, deep and continual professional learning and consistent sharing and networking.

I’d love to know what other schools, school divisions and even teachers are doing to encourage, to innovate and to create authentic learning experiences for their students, please share below and/or tweet using #psd70.


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