Favs in Discovery Edu Canada

03 Mar

DE canada


Every month I meet with interested teachers for an afterschool session on the topic of Favorite Activities/Ideas/Resources using Discovery Education Canada. We share successes in using DE Canada and the I share some of my favorites and we look at how these favorites could be integrated into their classrooms.

Using DE Canada images and input information into Thinglink

Teachers and students are doing amazing things with Thinglink, and interactive online poster, and here are some links.

Our teachers were quite excited about the ability for students to search for images and information within DE Canada and then utilizing that information to create a Thinglink.

Science TechBook

  • As a Star Discovery Educator I have access to the DE Science TechBook and I was sharing some of the highlights of this book. It is a web-based resource which includes multi-modal content, model lessons, and activity guides. Built-in accessibility features like highlighting text, taking notes, glossary terms (with animations, audio, images), and inclusion of Mythbusters, Planet Earth, Frozen Plant, Life and Human Body video series where appropriate. Although our teachers don’t currently have access to this TechBook, I am wanting them to see the possibilities for students and for learning.



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