Active Learning in Social Studies, Part 3

09 Feb

This is part of a series of five posts discussing formative assessment.

Providing Feedback that Moves Learners Forward


  • is the means by which teachers enable students to ‘close the gap’ in order to move learning forward and improve their performance

  • is effective when learners know how it relates to the learning outcome and then given time to make changes

  • can be provided through a variety of ways

  • should mostly cause thinking!

Ruth Sutton recommends gathering feedback through 1/3 approach:

1/3 Deep Feedback – specific teacher comments on what’s working and not

1/3 Impression Feedback – feedback to get an impression on where the class is at on one area of the criteria, responsibility of the work is on the students

1/3 Peer Feedback – used with shorter tasks that assist students to develop a greater understanding through discussion of the criteria

Ideas for using feedback to gather evidence of student learning:

1. Plus, Minus, Equals

– student work is marked in relation to previous work

– if the work is of the same quality, it receives =

– if it is better, +

– if it is not as good, –

2. Highlighters

– two colors chosen by students, one for what’s working and the other color for what needs improving.

– teacher highlight each students working relation to the criteria

– students work with a partner to discuss why parts were highlighted and then spend time making improvements

– easily done within a Google Doc

– also the Kaizena voice comments chrome app

3. Two Stars and a Wish (two successes and a suggestion for growth)

– peer feedback


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