What’s PBL, ML and MakerEd Got to do with Tech?

10 Jan


Photo Credit: savvysmilinginlove via Compfight cc

Today I had the pleasure of participating in an edwebnet webinar with Susan Wells. She discussed the differences between project-based learning, problem-based learning, mobile learning and the maker ed movement.

PBL – project-based learning usually contains an extended project, it has authentic connections outside of the classroom, produces a product and is student-directed. (Some of our schools have utilized this as a basis for their week long PBL’s called Innovation Week at the end of December and June.)

PBL – problem-based learning is like PBL above yet it has more formalized steps, more teacher direction.

ML – mobile learning utilizes personal devices for just-in-time both informal/formal learning and can be transformative in nature depending upon the structure of the project/activity.

MakerEd – this movement creates opportunities for students to develop competence, spark interest cross-curricularly and create a product. It involves collaboration, leadership skills, problem solving, connecting with community organizations, etc. (See Maker Faires found across the globe at

For teachers interested in how any of the above learning approaches work, check out how CampEdTechGreen works where students attend a one week summer camp.

Other resources include:

Learning tools and Resources for MakerEd can include, but are not limited to:

The overall push for any of these learning frameworks is to engage students to invent, discover, create, honor the learning process, and connect more deeply with the curriculum. I see some of teachers and librarians creating spaces in their environments for students to work on these projects and it’s a win-win for all involved!


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