Explain Away!

08 Jan

This all-in-one screencasting interactive whiteboard iOS app (now Android version too) allows students and teachers to narrate, annotate, animate, import and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere.



The ability to easily annotate, animate and narrate as well as import photos, .pdf, .ppt, .xls, .rtf, Pages, Numbers, Keynote from Dropbox, Email, Evernote, iPad photo library/camera roll is amazing. And export can occur to Camera roll, YouTube, Email, Dropbox, and Evernote.


Uses in the Classroom

  • Practice letter formation
  • Taking pictures of sequencing and speaking about the sequence
  • Demonstrate your learning about a particular Science concept
  • Explain how you solved a math problem
  • Import an image and explain the 5W’s about the image
  • Create a tutorial/how-to clip
  • Retell a story
  • Brainstorm ideas


It’s one app that I share often with teachers.



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