Moonshot Thinking

04 Dec

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo shared by Randy Merrill

I just ran across this video and was immediately inspired to share it with you. This video really summarizes the transformative practices that we are working on in education today. We need to break out of the factory model of thinking and change how our students learn, how they connect with the world around them, how they can challenge themselves, each other and even adults, etc.


In my visits to schools in PSD, I am seeing those gems of Moonshot Thinking where:

* students are wanting to have their materials, resources and information from their class in an online environment where it is accessible to them anytime, anywhere

* teachers are creating an environment where students can pursue a passion with like-minded students (at any grade level) to develop a project, work through the process and share their product (Innovation Week)

* teachers and students are reflecting on their learning, asking questions, commenting on each other’s works in an online format via blogging

* collaborative lesson planning, timetable scheduling is occuring via Cloud computing so that administrators and teachers can review the most up-to-date data and make comments in real-time

* middle years and high school students are bringing their own personal technology devices so that they can consume, create and collaborate during class time

* early years students have opportunities to use interactive whiteboards, iPad tablets, laptops/desktops, iPod listening centres during literacy lessons

How are we to continue to create opportunities for Moonshot Thinking? As a teacher, what are you doing to create this environment? As an administrator, how are you supporting this strategy? How can we involve parents and the community?


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