iPad Video Projects w/Early Years Students

13 Nov

ipad videoWhen it comes to using, creating and developing videos in the classroom environment, some teachers are quite passionate and confident while others are scared stiff. With the mobility and ease of use that comes with the iPad, taking and creating videos may not seem such a daunting task!

VIDEOs can gather students demonstrating their learning, give feedback, capture both formative and summative assessments, and introduce/reinforce a concept.

Some great Video apps include: Animoto, Sonic Pics ($2.99), Pixntell (free/$1.99 edu version), 30 Hands, Explain Everything ($2.99), Splice (free/$3.99), iMovie ($4.99), Vimeo, Vintagio ($1.99), Discovery Education Canada, Videolicious, Tellagami.

Video Camera hints

  • choose how you want to hold the iPad in camera mode (horizontal or vertical) and check to see where the camera is located so that you are not covering the hole.
  • take short clips of students in action and then edit them together to make a quick video
  • assign students to take videos of class activities
  • use Dropbox or another cloud storage tool to store your photos and videos and retrieve them for video making projects easily


  • check out each of the apps above via the Apple Store, read the information, reviews, when it was produced and last updated
  • Animoto is a favorite, but as a teacher I signed up online with AnimotoEdu so that you can produce longer videos. Combine images, short video clips, music and Animoto puts it all together.
  • Videolicious is also great as it is limited and keeps it simple by allowing up to 10 images and 50 seconds of video. See how some second grade teacher’s in Lakeside, CA use Videolicious.
  • Explain Everything allows users to annotate, animate, narrate, import photos and files. Teachers can create interactive lessons and activities, assessment and tutorials. Students can demonstrate their learning in a different manner.
  • 30 Hands is an app that offers students an opportunity to explore and expand their storytelling skills. See a Video demo.

Have fun with making, creating and sharing videos with your students!


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