Responsive Resilience

26 Sep

Over the past couple of years in the school division that I have the pleasure of working in and for, we have incorporated a Youth Resiliency Initiative. This initiative is intended to build health and wellness in schools and communities through capacity building, programs and partnerships. As well, strategies are being developed to build and support a more equitable foundations for resiliency in our students.

The September 2013 Education Leadership magazine is completely dedicated to this topic of Resilience and Learning and of the many informative articles, Sara Truebridge and Bonnie Benard’s “Reflection on Resilience” gives a wonderful snapshot of the work that is occuring in our school division with this initiative.


As well, if you have time set aside, Sara Truebridge’s keynote from the Whole Child Virtual Conference is available.


One response to “Responsive Resilience

  1. Sara Truebridge

    January 5, 2014 at 4:57 am

    Thank you so much, Nicole, for highlighting our article and for all the work you do with resilience! I also invite you to check out my new website and blog ( and my new book, “Resilience Begins With Beliefs: Building on Student Strengths for Success in School”

    Thanks again! We are all in this together!!! ~Sara
    P.S Please take the poll on my site and I encourage you to comment on my blog.


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