I’m Blogging…Now What? (K-3)

17 Sep


As teachers delve into the world of blogging with their students, I am noticing that they are needing some guidance, some kind of pathway to follow since this is a new EDventure for them. Over the past many months I have spoken with, shared and compiled resources that guide teachers when they start with blogging in the classroom.

This is a general framework which can be used as a reference while teachers and students are engaging in developing their writing skills, becoming more transparent reflective learners and establishing a positive digital presence.

The Classroom Blog

Purpose: to share and build a deeper understanding of the learning occurring in the classroom.

Dashboard set up: Separate pages for one-way communication (Homework/Learning) and two-way (Class Blog). At some school sites, a classroom blog may be hosted by several teachers of the same grade level. Individual teachers would then have their own Class Blog page and Homework page. The Home page for this group would then give an overview of the purpose of the blog and any other details. A Blogging Guidelines page may also be present to serve as a guide to online activities.

Teacher Blogging Opportunities

–  Document classroom activities

–  Curate curricular specific links to educational resources

–  Actively connects blog/students with others

–  Extend learning opportunities

–  Moderate comments

–  Model skills demonstration through commenting, digital citizenship and social responsibility and curricular areas

–  Blog posts encourage student and parent responses addressing various levels of understanding

– Comment on student responses to encourage deeper reflection or understanding

– Categorize and tag appropriately

Student Blogging Opportunities

– the highlighted phrases are new to that grade level



Overall, I am seeing that blogging is a great way for teachers to share what is occurring in the classroom, for parents to read and comment about the activities being shared and for students to have a larger audience that sees the work they do. It is exciting to hear students talk about their experiences with blogging AND it is even more interesting when they talk about various strangers commenting on their work from across the globe!


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