Guiding Students to go Above & Beyond

05 Sep

cc licensed ( BY NC ND ) flickr photo shared by Daniel Horacio Agostini

I find the being an Educator is my calling. Yes, I’ve ‘officially’ been in a school environment for many decades, but my daily work and interactions continue to be exciting, interesting, challenging and engaging. Although I no longer am in the classroom teaching and learning with students, I have the privilege and opportunity to work with Administrators and School Staff as a Curriculum Educational Technology Facilitator. As the title to this blog indicates, I support Administrators and School Staff in guiding students to explore, create, imagine, reach their dreams, engage with each other and the community all while connecting the Alberta curriculum in meaningful and authentic ways. No longer is it OK for the learning environment to be adult-driven, textbook entitled and desks in rows. It needs to be a place where students are empowered and teachers welcome their explorations. I just came across this great video shared via @TechInteginEd which outlines how students engaged themselves in going above & beyond a “curriculum”. In PSD70, I work to support teachers in guiding students to learn above & beyond. First check out the video below and then see some examples from our own PSD teachers.

* Great ideas on making the classroom environment inviting from Kelli Holden
* Genuis Hour and Innovation Week from the Greystone Middle School staff and students (where students study a topic they are passionate about and share their learning)
* Principal Carolyn Cameron noting how students were able to create their classroom on the first day of school.
* Jenna Topola is getting feedback from students first.
* Further ideas shared via @David_Oldham during our Divisional PD day last week are relayed in Keep Calm and Dream On

There are many, many, many more examples within PSD where teachers are guiding are students to go Above & Beyond. How are you going to support this in whatever role you have this school year?

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