A PGP to go please!

03 Sep


Each year, Alberta teachers that employed by any school division must develop and implement a professional growth plan (PGP or TPGP) that outlines the professional development activities the teacher will participate in during the school year. Last week, I shared that I was currently working on a first draft of my PGP and over this past long weekend I was able to further develop this document.

For teachers new to the profession, The Alberta Teachers’ Association has a section dedicated completely on developing a PGP. And the University of Lethbridge has created a template for teachers to utilize.

Working in a Learning Services department capacity where I serve mainly Administrators and staff, I find that my PGP leans towards more of a ‘big picture’ ideal since my curriculum educational technology focus needs to align with the school division vision and mission (and commitment statements to Inclusion). For the first time ever, I have created a one page visual (a summary which includes professional and personal goals seen above) followed by my professional goal information (seen below). As well, I read and reflected while completing a Self-assessment tool meant for school division leadership before writing up my goals and actions. I orginally thought I might just post my visual only to THIS blog and in my office, however I have decided to post all of it in both places. This way I can review it daily when I am in my office and I can continue to share my thoughts online and update my PGP throughout the year.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about either my PGP, whether its some suggestions, encouragement or direction OR if you’re sharing your PGP online as well.


Goal 1Develop and foster a learning environment that enables respectful, professional relationships, builds staff capacity and supports high performance for all.


– Build PSD staff capacity thru knowledge of individual backgrounds, skills, interests and learning/teaching environment

– Create opportunities for PSD staff to share their journey, their success and challenges, innovative and meaningful student learning opportunities via blogs, PD, team meetings, ONline newsletter, email, Twitter feed, face to face.


– Learning Services Team

– Senior Exec

– Admin Teams

– Learning Coaches

– Inclusive Education Leads

– Frameworks: Fierce Conversations, Cognitive Coaching, Bucket Filling


– Ongoing

– Monthly meetings: Lead Team, Learning Coaches, Inclusive Education Leads

– Bimonthly: Learning Services Team

Indicators of Success

– Contribution to Learning Services work is recognized

– Learning Services Team work plan is moving PSD Vision, Mission and Commitment Statements forward as per Admin meetings, PSD Voice, Student Advisory Committee

Goal 2 – Leverage the use of inclusive technologies to meet business goals, enhance team productivity, engage PSD staff in best practices (effectiveness and efficiency), and remove barriers for students.


– Compare ET/IT baseline of info from Fall 2012 to new info gathered in Fall 2013, report to Lead Team and Senior Exec. Share with Learning Services. Develop a plan of action.

– Support, encourage and offer opportunities to share how technology can be used for learning (assessment, data collection, feedback, personal growth and professional development.

– Demonstrate technology opportunities (mobile, Chromebook, GAFE, edublogs, Microsoft, RWG, Smart Notebook, LearnAlberta, Discovery Education, Twitter, etc) available to staff and students

– Maintain an awareness of current and emerging technological trends and share these via PSD Online, Learning Services meetings, #psd70 twitter feed, PD

– Continue to participate in The Bring It! Project with 2Learn Society and SPC, MCHS, ML

– Follow and participate in weekly Twitter chats

– Share ET work with IT Staff during weekly meetings and attend to what IT staff on working on for the week


– Listservs: QIAT, ATLE, ORC

– Alberta Education, School Technology Branch


– ERLC Advisory Committees


– ATLE and ATLE ProLearn

– Frameworks: TPACK, SAMR, UDL, DI, RTI, SETT

– Twitter feeds

– Blogs

– 2Learn

– PSD – Senior Exec, Lead Team, Learning Services, staff, students


– Ongoing

– ATLE Conference – November 2013

– GAFE Summit – February 2014

Indicators of Success

– Staff utilizing, documenting success and sharing how they are using technology in learning, for efficiency, etc.

– Marked improvement between Fall 2012 and Fall 2013 ET/IT survey with Admin

– Well attended PD sessions


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