OneNote is only One Step Away

30 Aug

I was asked to work with teachers at one of my school sites who have dabbled with OneNote and were looking to use it on a regular basis to plan lessons, take anecdotals, share information with each other, etc. Here is what I shared with them:

What is OneNote?

  • It is an idea processor, a notebook, an information organizer.
  • It can help if you organize scraps of information that don’t fit well into e-mail, calendar, or formal documents
  • You can gather and refer back to notes from meetings, conferences, and discussions. (The search feature within OneNote is incredible. Even the ability to search text found within an image!)
  • The ability to collect research from the Web or other sources and annotate it for yourself or others is so nice.
  • Keep track of what you need to do next and not miss anything.
  • Work closely with other people on a project sharing notes and files

OneNote will complement your activities in Microsoft® Office Outlook®, Word, etc.

OneNote Basics

1.    Case Studies – Washington’s Forest Ridge School and Oulujoki Comprehensive School How one teacher is using OneNote. Other ideas from the Partners in Learning Microsoft Network. Cool examples of usage from teachers.

2.    OPEN OneNote found in Start – Programs – Microsoft Office on your computer.

3.    Go through the OneNote Toolkit and see SPC example (image below). Also take time to use and connect your information in a more mobile format using the iOS app OneNote for your iPad.


Take time and set up your Notebooks. Talk to other teachers, see the examples shared above.


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