Getting SMARTer w/my iPad

19 Jun


I am lucky to be surrounded by some great thinkers, collaborators and creators in my workplace. There is not a day nor a moment that I don’t get excited about learning something new, sharing a great learning opportunity or just conversing. Well, this morning was no exception when it came to @SharLundeen1 stopping by for a quick Q&A and some sharing.

We have a number of schools using SMART products. And Sharon, one of our Technology Integration Assistants in the school division, reminded me of the great mobile resource from SMART, the SMART Notebook app for iPad. This app (current cost of $4.99) is a light version of the SMART Notebook software found on our teacher’s laptops but it packs about some great features (create, share and interact with files right on your iPad!).

My excitement with the app is that I can integrate it with Google Drive and/or Dropbox and retrieve my SMART Notebook files via my iPad. Plus if I have access to an Apple TV (or VGA cable), I can display SMART Notebook content directly from an iPad. Fantastic!!


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