Integrating Images in Your Classroom

17 May


cc licensed ( BY SA ) 500px photo by Charly Morlock:

As teachers, students and administrators are utilizing more and more visuals in their presentations, blogs and newsletters, it is important to keep in mind two elements.

1) It is best to obtain an image that has shareable Creative Commons licensing.

2) Using a Creative Commons licensed image still requires proper source citation.

Below you will find a number of websites where images can be sourced and how to properly cite them for your research, presentations, blogs, brochures and newsletters.


CC Search – allows users to input a theme/word/title and click on a particular medium.

500px – professional photos with a variety of CC licenses. The Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives and Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike licenses are best to use. (Note: some mature content found.)

Flickr Creative Commons – candid photos with a variety of CC licenses. Download the Flickr CC Attribution Helper Chrome extension ( and this gives you the proper citation to copy into a document, blog and/or website.

Free Digital Photos – variety of stock photos, the company watermark stays on each photo.

FreeFoto – a variety of images which are also organized into categories.  Citation for online environments is included.

Google Advanced Image Search – use the power of google by scrolling down to the bottom of this site and changing the usage rights to either “free to use, share or modify” or “free to use, share” and then add the word(s) at the top.

Pics4Learning – free, copyright-friendly images specifically for students. Citation is included.

2Learn Image Database – a number of categories

Wikipedia Commons – freely usable media files (images, sounds, videos), various contributors.


When attributing an image under a CC license you should indicate the type of CC license, share the host website name, credit the photographer, and provide the URL where the work is hosted. (If the image has a title you can include that as well just before the name of the photographer/creator.)

cc licensed (abbreviation of licenses) which webservice is displaying the photo (flickr, google, 500px…) by (name of photographer): (link to actual image)


Attribution-ShareAlike License

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo by MeRawrFloor:

Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License

cc licensed ( BY NC SA ) flickr photo by Lucas County Choppers:


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